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Why are we the best on the planet? It’s all about how we work with the insurance adjuster.

For a homeowner to get the best results, it’s smartest for them to not work their own claim. If they want to have a fair settlement and get the best deal, they want someone with the best qualifications to meet their insurance adjuster.roofing_insurance_claims

It’s in the insurance adjuster’s hands to approve your roof. They are trained very well to find hail damage. Most roofers can be too pushy on what counts as hail damage and what is not. Insurance adjusters know the difference between a scuff and a hail hit. It’s best not to underestimate what they know when doing a hail claim.

What sets me apart is my approach when talking to insurance adjusters. When I meet an adjuster I tell them not to do anything that would jeopardize their job or to break the rules. I understand they have a family to support. I ask them to help me find enough hits to total out the roof because they can find hail damage just as fast or faster than I can. So many adjusters tell me I’m the first roofing contractor that has not argued with them on a roof and they appreciate that. And not trying to brag, but I don’t know anybody that gets more roofs approved than me by taking the “don’t argue” approach with adjusters.

When it comes to insurance companies, they pay for different things. For example: some pay extra on a dumpster set fee. Some pay extra on chimney reflashing. Some pay additional for felt and not add it into the re-roof price. I work with the adjuster to make sure the insurance program will pay as much as possible to take of your roof. I help most claims I get involved with to go up 20% or more. That’s how I can totally cover a deductible if I show up to meet with the adjuster.



  • We only use the best materials
  • Fully-consultative approach
  • In-home sample showing
  • Pre-instillation inspections
  • Home delivery
  • Year-round installations

Making sure your roof is sound and secure is incredibly important, yet many homeowners neglect their roofs. Like everything in your home, it requires maintenance.If you haven’t had your roof inspected recently, we’re here to help. Maintaining your roof is a low-cost way of ensuring that your home – and your family – stay safe.

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